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The position of melt screen changing filter in plastic machinery

  In the plastic machinery, the melt screen changing filter is also a key component. The plastic raw material enters the screen device after being extruded by the heating screw of the extruder. Because most of the plastic raw materials are impossible to produce products with brand-new materials, various auxiliary raw materials, such as color materials, modifiers, etc., need to be added in the production process. A certain proportion of recycling cycle will be added to the recyclable plastics Ring material, because there are many impurities in these auxiliary materials, the impurities in the extruded products will affect the later processing and use of the products. The function of the melt screen changing filter is to filter the impurities and improve the mixing effect of the materials, so the melt screen changing filter becomes an essential part of the plastic extrusion production line.

  Due to the particularity of the production of plastic raw materials, in the process of extruding raw materials, spinneret or film, it needs to be heated to a molten state before products of various shapes can be formed by the mold, and several of them need to be used without shutdown. The pressure generated by a clean filter screen is relatively small. If there are many impurities in the plastic raw materials, the filter screen will be blocked and overpressure will occur, which is dangerous With the increase, the amount of impurities in the plastic retained by the filter screen will increase, thus blocking the filter screen. When the filter screen pressure reaches a certain value, the pressure alarm will give an alarm automatically, and then stop the machine to change the screen or not.

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