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Production process of melt blown nonwovens with screen changer

  The production process of melt blown nonwovens is as follows: melt polypropylene chips (fr400-1200) through screw extruder, spray them into fiber shape through spinneret hole, and under the high-speed (13000m / min) hot air flow melt pump blowing, make them subject to strong stretching, forming extremely fine short fibers, which are adsorbed on the screen of the screen changer, Because the fiber can keep a high temperature after agglomerating into a net, so that the fibers adhere to each other to become melt blown nonwovens, and finally pack into rolls.

  1. Screw extruder; 2. Metering pump; 3. Melt spraying device; 4. Receiving net of screen changer; 5. Winding device; 6. Feeding device.

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