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The full-automatic non-stop screen changer can automatically filter

  The full-automatic non-stop screen changer can automatically filter and process the plastic, rubber, chemical fiber, melt glue and other glues on-line. It can automatically replace the filter screen without stopping the production line and without interrupting the products. The full-automatic hydraulic screen changer also has the advantages of increasing production and energy saving, saving time and labor, and no waste. The use of the full-automatic non-stop screen changer has small pressure fluctuation in the melting system and constant material flow The products have high quality, stable and reliable performance, and are favored by users.

  Zhengzhou Batte, as a professional manufacturer of melt filter for screen, boldly innovates technology with a more pragmatic and innovative attitude to create a more mature and perfect melt filter equipment. The screen changer equipment provided by Zhengzhou Batte includes: special screen changer for melt blown cloth, screen changer for plastic granulator, hydraulic screen changer for extruder, etc.

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