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Application of Hot Melt Adhesive Extruder in Filter Industry

Extruders have been used in plastic continuous extrusion for decades, using superior resin materials; polyamide/polyester materials require special screw design process, and many rubber coating applications are discontinuous. Extruders are designed according to the instantaneous large extrusion of materials because there is no cylinder block. Generally speaking, the large end of rubber strip and pressure loss will occur during the intermittent coating process. The extruder metering pump combined with PLC control technology makes the coating accuracy much higher than that of the pressure gear pump of the traditional cylinder body melt system.

Granular or powdered polyphthalamine/polyvinegar material is filled in the extruder, and the air mixed in the material is extruded backward while the extruder screw extrudes the rubber. The real energy of the extruder comes from the heat generated when the screw of the extruder rotates, not from the heater, which is only used for preheating when the extruder is turned on or off. Therefore, the residence time of the compound at working temperature is extremely short, because only the hot melt glue needed for the next few minutes is melted.

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