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Advantage Characteristics of Non-stop Mesh screen Changer for Film Blowing

  The special non-stop screen changer for film blowing is used in large single-layer and multi-layer co-extrusion film blowing units with double-column non-stop screen changer. It adopts high-performance steel and non-conventional processing and heat treatment methods, and has a stable voltage, lubrication and sealing mechanism. The stable voltage mechanism cooperates with the main network to stabilize the pressure fluctuation and make the switch of filter screen more convenient. Smooth. Unique sealing system and high temperature lubrication system "cooperate" to make the main body of the net changer withstand 40-60 MPa pressure, and no leakage will occur in 4-5 years of use. Relay-type automatic exhaust when changing network, no shutdown, no deceleration, no material leakage, no oil leakage.

  The screen changer installed on the film blowing unit can not only filter out impurities, but also greatly improve the plasticization and homogenization effect of raw materials. The product has more uniform texture, better surface quality and smoothness. In addition, the filter can be replaced without shutdown, which saves energy and reduces consumption. At the same time, the output is increased and the labor intensity is reduced.

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