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Related knowledge of double column continuous screen changer

Plate and column screen changers can be installed directly on the head of any type of plastic extruder without too much modification of the original extrusion equipment. They are mature in technology, simple in manufacture, low in cost and convenient in installation, and are widely used by domestic customers. So deeply loved by domestic customers.

Network screen changer manufacturer Zhengzhou De'ao Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development, production and sales of network changer. It relies on strong technology accumulation and invention patents to occupy the technical highland in the network changer industry. It provides network changer filtering solutions for more than 3,000 customers, which improves efficiency and saves costs. Next, we will mainly explain the knowledge of the double-column continuous network changer.

Double-column continuous screen changer adopts double-column and double-station design. Double-filter is used at the same time. There is still another runner working when the screen is changed. It does not interrupt the material flow and has little pressure fluctuation. It meets the production demand of high quality.

Scope of application

Casting film, sheet, sheet, pipe, high-end granulation, etc.

It can be matched with various production lines of mixed products such as sol, adhesives and coatings, and used for blending and filtering of materials.

Performance characteristics

The filter area is large and the efficiency is high.

Dual-station filtering, non-stop network change;

It can draw material and exhaust gas, and the product is continuous.

The pressure fluctuation is small and the material flow is stable.

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