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What are the benefits of using screen changers for plastics production

1. Cleaning the impurities before the porous plate (also called shunt plate) without stopping or disassembling the flange of the extruder reduces the labor intensity of the workers, improves the production efficiency, and also reduces the generation of waste.

2. No cooling or heating is needed to reduce the loss of electric energy.

3. Non-stop and disassembly of machines have improved productivity and workers'working efficiency, and increased benefits for enterprises.

4. More importantly, the impurities in the melt are filtered through the filter screen, which improves the quality of the product, and has an intuitive expression in the appearance of smoothness.

5. By filtering the impurities in the melt, the wear of the mould caused by the impurities is reduced and the service life of the mould is prolonged.

6. The increased screen changer is equivalent to lengthening the length of the runner, improving the plasticity and homogeneity of the melt, and improving the quality of the product.

Second, the use of recycled materials and leftovers must adopt non-stop screen changer in order to maximize production capacity, reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase efficiency, and maximize profits. Non-stop network changer is a necessary choice.

3. The use of screen changer in the production of new materials can increase the plasticity and homogeneity of melt, and it is also a necessary guarantee for product quality. Although there are almost no impurities in the new materials, impurities in the environment, transportation and work also exist in the actual production, so the installation of screen changer is also a necessary quality guarantee.

Fourth, in the domestic plastic industry, there are a large number of cheap and inferior mesh changers, which are simple processing and assembling of ordinary carbon steel. They show that the mesh changer is leaking, and that the leaking of different degrees makes the majority of users think that the mesh changer is leaking. Purchasing the mesh changer is also the first question. Is your mesh changer leaking?

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