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How to improve the cleaning effect of the screen changer

The cleaning of the screen changer is divided into 3 steps: TEG cleaning, high pressure water gun cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. Zhengzhou batte Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of network changer in Zhengzhou. It focuses on the R&D, production and sales of network changer. Relying on the strong technology accumulation and invention patents, Zhengzhou batte Technology Co., Ltd. occupies the technical highland in the network changer industry. It provides more than 3000 customers with the solution of network changer filtration, improves the efficiency and saves the cost. The following network screen changer Zhengzhou Germany Austrian technology to explain how to improve the cleaning effect of the net screen changer.

TEG is a colorless and transparent neutral oily liquid with boiling point of 276 C. It has alcoholysis and dissolution to polyester under heating condition [2]. TEG cleaning is based on TEG solvent, heating cooking, dissolving polyester melt on the screen changer. Freshly removed melt filter core, wrapped in polyester melt, must be whole in TEG cooking tank cooking, at 285 C constant temperature for 4 h to remove; remove the screen changer filter core, found that there are still some melt can not be fully dissolved. Therefore, the constant temperature time was increased from 4 hours to more than 6 hours, so that the melt adhered to the filter core was dissolved completely. At the same time, the method of twice TEG cooking was adopted, that is, the removed screen changer filter core was put into a hanging basket for secondary cooking to further increase the effect of cooking and cleaning.

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