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Double column backwashing performance characteristics of screen changer

On the basis of double column continuous net screen changer, the double column backwash screen changer is used in the international invention patent technology. The filter net is quickly washed with a small amount of net material in the body, so that the filter network is used many times and environmental protection and energy saving.

Scope of application of screen changer

It is suitable for large granulation, and the viscosity of materials can not be too high.

Production of other thermoplastic products and blending and filtration of materials;

Performance characteristics of Zhengzhou de Austrian Network

International patent design, winding filter screen, large filtration area;

Patented technology, online flushing filter, multiple use, save filter cost;

Online cleaning, saving labor costs;

Double station filtration, no shutting down for network, small fluctuation of pressure.

Most plastic materials contain impurities, which can be easily removed by replacing the mesh on the flow path of polymer melt after the extruder. The screen changer is the textile SkyDrive with the same diameter as the extruder barrel.

Usually, a number of different mesh numbers form a package group. The finest mesh can filter the smallest solid particles in the melt flow, and the outer rough net is stronger, which prevents the larger particles from entering the inner net.

In order to resist the force generated by melt flow, a circular steel plate with a dense hole is called a guard plate, which is embedded in the groove of the end of the extruder cylinder.

In order to replace the blocking mesh, remove the downstream equipment first, replace the old net with clean net lining, and re install it to the production line.

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