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Batte is a screen changer comprises one or more screen manual or automatic switching device for flow filter in the plasticization of foreign particles and filter out impurities. The filter consists of a porous alloy plate, perforated plate mounted on the carrier plate or column on the network exchanger plastic granulator, the carrier can be moved to a system of working position and working position between non off-line switching. The exchanger can be installed to any new or existing extruder and melt pump, reactor or extrusion production line. It can be used to filter any type of polymer without stopping the changer, rubber or ceramic melt.

Manual screen changer

The manual screen changer, as the name suggests is the direct manual switch screen changing device. The manual screen changer has small volume, low cost and other advantages, but its shortcomings are obvious: the network speed slow, Zhoukou changer, the general need for machine network, due to friction and sealing performance considering the filter diameter generally below 100mm.

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