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Plastic granulation production line installation screen changer function

Many users do not know the plastic mechanical presses can be installed screen changer. If the screen changer is added, it can not only filter out the impurities, but also greatly improve the plasticization and homogenization effect of the raw material. The quality of the product is more spoonful, the surface quality and the smoothness are better. The use of screen changer, save manual. The use of screen changer, save manual. It also saves cost and improves production efficiency.

At present, the most common is the hydraulic screen changer and manual screen changer. Secondly, it is a plunger type non stop switch, because the cost of plunger type non stop converter is high, and it is less used in China.

Manual mesh screen changer is a low cost filtration scheme in rubber and plastic extrusion industry. Manual changer is suitable for temporary downtime. Based on customer needs, the company can design and manufacture a mesh changer which can withstand higher pressure or apply to special materials. The manual switch can also be integrated with the unloading valve. Small screw extruders are generally equipped with manual changers. The manual changer takes up a small space, and the operator makes it.

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