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Automatic hydraulic screen changer operation rules

Zhengzhou batte melt pump Co., Ltd. is focused on the R & D, production and sales of the converter, relying on the strong technology accumulation and the invention patent in the exchange network industry to occupy the technical highland, more than three thousand customers to provide the solution of network filtering, improve efficiency and cost. As an automatic switching device manufacturer, today, Zhengzhou batte explains the operation rules of automatic hydraulic screen changer.

1, the screen changer must be changed at the same time as the monitor or workshop Technician.

2. Press the start button of the remote control handle to start the hydraulic station.

3. After the pressure of the hydraulic station has reached the set pressure (at this time, the back whistle reminding), the push or pull button is pressed, and the push or pull button is loosened after the reciprocating board of the exchanger completely releases the main body of the exchanger. Push: the underconverter enters the main body of the changer. Pull: the upper net converter enters the main body of the changer.

4. Click the stop button of the remote control handle to turn off the hydraulic station.

5, clean up and replace the net changer quickly, and remove the filter screen changer installed on the net changer, and clean and clean the grooves of the filter net.

6, after cleaning out the exchanged mesh changer, install a new filter screen changer. For the next use.

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