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How to solve the volume loss of the melt pump perfectly

The volume loss inevitably exists in the melt pump during transportation, which mainly includes: (1) the leakage of the axial clearance (i.e. the end clearance of the gear). (2) leakage of radial clearance. (3) the leakage of the gear meshing point. (4) the loss of elasticity when the liquid is compressed.

The axial clearance of the melt pump refers to the clearance between the gear end face and the side plate or the bearing end face. Through this gap leakage melt, flow into the bearing chamber and return to the entrance side, because of the many ways of the axial gap, the length of the sealing liquid is short and the leakage amount is 70-80% of the total leakage, so the leakage of the axial gap is reduced, which plays a decisive role in reducing the volume loss and improving the volume efficiency. In the medium high pressure and high pressure melt pump, the axial clearance hydraulic automatic compensation structure is adopted.

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