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Column backwash hydraulic mesh changer

The net screen changer is also known as the melt filter. Its main function is to filter impurities in plasticized materials through the screen changer and improve the quality of the final products. At present, the type of net exchanger in China is divided into plate type net exchanger, column type net exchanger and net belt type automatic net changer; among which column backwashing hydraulic exchanger is favored by market users. Bart is a well-known manufacturing enterprise in China. The following is a specific analysis and introduction of the advantages of column backwashing screen changer.

The column backwash screen changer is suitable for the production of various plastic products, and can also be matched with chemical fiber, rubber, adhesives, coating materials and other mixture products. It is used to blend and filter materials. The column backwash exchanger is especially suitable for the recycling of waste plastics. Its performance characteristics are: on-line cleaning through a powerful net cleaning system, high efficiency and no interruption of repeated use of production; the specific use times of the filter network are related to the density of the filter. The backwashing exchanger has no change in the pressure of material flow, steady flow velocity, no instant flow break, no melt leakage and increase production. The advantages of saving energy, saving production cost and so on. You can call our service hotline for information about column type backwashing network changer price or product details.

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