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batte automatic net screen changer

Plastic products occupy an important position in the daily life of human beings. All aspects of our living are plastic. Plastic has brought convenience to our life, but it also brings "chronic disease" to our environment.

Plastic as an artificial synthetic material from its birth to extinction will cause damage to the environment, the high temperature of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzopyrene and dioxin can cause damage to the environment and the human body. Limited to the original technical technology and level, the early plastic machine in our country will cause a lot of pollution and waste of resources. However, with the development of science and technology in China and the attention of the society to energy saving and emission reduction, the plastic machines in China are aiming at "green plastic machine" on the road of transformation and upgrading. The following is a simple explanation of how the plastic pelletizing line is recycled and recycled. 

The plastic pelletizing line is a good solution to this problem. Recycling the waste plastic and making other plastic products is also a contribution to the environmental protection. In the process of plastic pelletizing production, it is recommended to use net changer to filter impurities and improve product quality.

It is recommended to use the batte net belt fully automatic net screen changer, not only the filter is clean, but also can change the net automatically, it is the real sense of the non stop machine, the filtering effect is good, and the efficiency is high, it greatly improves the production efficiency of the plastic granulation production line.

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