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Functional applications of plastic granulator screen changers

Using special screw design and different configuration, plastic granulator screen changers is suitable for producing PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA, etc. The reducer adopts the design of high torque to realize the performance of smooth noise-free operation. After special hardening treatment, screw, material tube, has wear-resistant, good mixing performance, high yield, vacuum exhaust or ordinary exhaust design, can be used in the production of water, exhaust gas, more stable production, more solid rubber, ensure the product quality.

Plastic granulator screen changers are mainly used for processing used plastic film(industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, beer bag, handbag, etc), woven bag, agricultural convenient bag, basin, barrel, beverage bottle, furniture, everyday articles, etc.

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