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Continuous screen changer to improve blown film extrusion system production efficiency

BATTE a well-known domestic screen changer manufacturing enterprises, to provide a new generation of screen changer equipment, including: continuous screen changer, automatic screen changer, backwash screen changer. Butter's new continuous screen changer, in order to ensure the process of net change work is absolutely smooth, reliably achieve filter replacement, continuous screen changer with an independent control system; modified screen changer, filter replacement process does not need Stop, at the same time improve the filtering effect, improve equipment utilization and production efficiency. At present, most of the blown film extrusion lines in China use plate-type screen changers. When the net-changing operation occurs, a temporary interruption of the flow occurs and the influence on the products is caused. These systems are commonly referred to as skateboard filtration systems.

Butter's continuous screen changers are favored by market users because there is no need to interrupt the production process when changing screens. This means that during continuous operation of the system, you can change dirty screens or change the filtering accuracy when the production batch changes. Operators benefit from this new filtration technology by dramatically reducing the number of restarting processes and significantly reducing production scrap losses due to filter changes. Zhengzhou Butter continuous screen changer to improve the blown film extrusion production capacity and improve the filtration performance, product quality has been greatly improved for users to create greater production efficiency.

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