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batte continuous screen changer sale

Zhengzhou batte continuous screen changer is water-cooled seal, no leakage, no wear and tear, automatically controlled by the control system heating and cooling, flexible network. Screen change process products are not deformed, good quality and stability. No waste, waste generation, less consumption of raw materials and other characteristics Widely used in granulation, casting film, sheet, sheet, optical fiber, a variety of drawing and other high-quality, long-flow or short-range products. In particular, to adapt to the pressure fluctuation of the strict requirements of the production of high-precision products.

Continuous screen changer is a true automatic screen changer that uses melt pressure or time to control the screen changer operation. Filter moving distance and speed can be set freely. When the pressure or time reaches the set value, the filter automatically move evenly, with the filter impurities out of the screen changer.

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